When you will have a shooting together with a model, you need some guidelines especially if you are new or just beginning. That is because it can affect the outcome of your shots. If you are still starting in the career, you need to have a good portfolio and if your model is starting, she also needs it. That is why you need to work together. There are things you can do to make your shooting a successful and comfortable one with both of the parties.

One tip you should do is to give a compliment to your model. When you are having a hard time with your own camera or the setting, do not complain but let them feel okay. In that way, they will not think that they are doing something wrong. If you like music and so does your model, you can play a song during the set to let the mood a comfortable one. This tip though may not be applicable to all shooting occasions.

If you had gotten a good shot, you can also show to them while you are doing the shot. It can help their confidence and be encouraged to continue the shooting. The things not to do is the touching of a model without their permission and also giving a general command. Do not stay serious throughout the shoot but make a good mood. You can talk with the model but just be careful with your words. Do not say offensive things like treating their body as a robot or like a mannequin.